Explore Chicago

Chicago skyline is an architectural marvel. Home to the world’s first skyscraper, the city disappoints none. It conveniently nabs a special place in every traveler’s heart. ‘Windy City’ is one of my favorite cities in the United States. Once the harsh winter gets over, Chicago welcomes a myriad of tourists and travelers throughout its warm summer and revitalizes every soul.

Whether you’re an architectural lover, a shopaholic, or just love to fall back and relax, Chicago has something for each one of you.


Most of the city that we see today was rebuilt after the Great Chicago fire of 1871.
Clean and green Chicago attracts architecture lovers from all around the globe. One is bound to be amazed whether one stands over the 103rd floor of “The Ledge” or take one of the architectural boat tours on the Chicago River.
The Shedd aquarium is known for its impressive architecture. It hosts over 32,000 varieties of marine life and holds a great reputation for its advanced and dedicated animal care. The aquarium offers plenty of interactive programs such as feeding the sharks, animal trainer role-play, or walking with penguins. It’s a fun place for kids and adults alike.
Not far from the aquarium, Millennium Park is another heart-throb of the city and the most lively and radiant gathering spot. The stainless steel big “Bean” reflects the Chicago skyline on its shiny convex body and the crowd loves it. You know this because it’s difficult to find the Bean forsaken for a solo photo opportunity during the prime season even for a single moment.

Fun and shopping

Chicago offers world-class food and drinks, buzzing nightlife, and an uplifting atmosphere. One can absorb the swag in extravaganza or budget.
Most people are not aware that Lake Michigan shoreline is dotted with numerous gardens, beaches, and over two dozen free beaches. North Avenue beach is one of the most visited beaches by tourists and locals alike. Overlooking the endless Michigan lake to the front and the stunning Chicago skyline on the opposite side, the vast sand beach offers a myriad of recreations options. Dip your toes in the sand at a beachfront bar or hit the waters with a jet-ski rental or paddleboard.
Navy Pier, an iconic city landmark sits on the Michigan shoreline just a mile away from the Millennium Park. It offers unparalleled fun-filled attractions for the entire family.
At a walkable distance from Navy Pier, the flashy Magnificent Mile attracts shoppers with its dazzling show of designer, luxury goods, and amazing stores along Michigan Avenue. It also features some spectacular architecture throughout the stretch. So, if you don’t intend to blow your budget out of proportions by indulging in shopping, a casual stroll down the avenue is rewarding in itself.


The city hosts some of the oldest and largest museums in the country. The Art Institute of Chicago houses a humongous collection of art and special exhibits to illuminate visitors all year round.
The Oriental Institute Museum is a huge archeological storehouse preserving around 350,000 artifacts from ancient Egypt. The museum aims to protect and understand ancient Middle Eastern civilizations. To magnify the historical charm, a giant 17-feet tall statue of King Tut weighing over six tons elegantly sits here.
The Museum of Science and Industry makes science easy for people from all backgrounds. It is one of the largest science museums in the country and features mind-boggling tours, exhibits, and events.
The country’s first planetarium: Adler Planetarium, projects out into Lake Michigan. It was opened to the public in 1930 and quickly became the leader in science education. Visitors immerse themselves with its impressive programs, exhibitions, and other events.

Don’t miss it!

Any travel story is incomplete without stimulating the taste buds. Chicago hosts a diverse food culture. With an array of ethnic restaurants, be it Indo-Pak, Chinese, or the Deep-dish pizzas, the city is a foodie’s delight. Chicago is the birthplace of deep-dish pizzas. Its high walls make ample room for cheese and tomato sauce. And, that’s not all – you can top it up with the city’s most popular topping – Italian sausage.
Chicago reverberates during the summer, but one can find better deals just before or after summer months. Chicago is expensive when it comes to accommodation and attractions, but like any other big city, you’ll always find pockets of affordability. You can easily plan ahead an affordable and enjoyable trip. If Chicago is not yet on your to-go list, better add it now.

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